Check out these top 3 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Taking advertisement a step further, digital marketing has now surpassed every other form of advertisements in terms of popularity, effectiveness, and results. The world has gone digital for every single thing, be it communication, trade, business, or more. This only goes to show how vital it would be for people of every field, whether entrepreneurs or businesses, to have their fair share of knowledge regarding digital marketing. With everyone turning online for every information, online transactions and businesses are set to boost up in the coming years, creating a need for every business owner or firm to have an online presence.

With everyone turning online for every information, online transactions and businesses are set to boost up in the coming years, creating a need for every business owner or firm to have an online presence.

Let’s take a look at what Digital Marketing entails: 

Marketing digitally is nothing but the promotion of products or services through various means digitally. This involves marketing, both inorganically and through paid activities. Compared to the conventional methods of marketing that was being used until a few years ago which included marketing through newspapers and radio channels, online marketing lets you reach out to the exact demography you need to target without much-a-do.

Here’s why digital marketing is bound to be a vital aspect of every business in the near future:

  1. Unlike marketing offline, digital marketing gives businesses the chance to target the audience they wish to reach out to.
  2. Understand consumer behaviorism is much easier with marketing online
  3. With most of the population familiar with social networking sites, reaching out to an audience becomes easier.
  4. There is a faster response with digital marketing as compared to offline marketing
  5. Digital marketing is cost-saving with fewer funds involved in promoting a product or service online
  6. Marketing online saves a lot of time and energy while giving better results compared to other forms of advertising.

Understanding everything that online marketing envelopes take keen observation and strategic thinking, be it learning about Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Media Planning, or anything related to digital marketing. With this very aim in mind, a number of marketing experts have come up with courses of their own, both online and offline, to help people learn digital marketing. While most of these courses do cost a hefty sum, depending on where you are learning from, many also offer these courses online for free in a bid to impart their knowledge to those interested in learning more about online marketing.

Here’s a list of the top 3 digital marketing courses online that you can learn from free of cost:

  1. Digital Unlocked

A welcome thought by Google, Digital Unlocked was launched by CEO Sundar Pichai for small business owners in India with an aim to equip them with the necessary digital skills. Having won accolades for being one of the best, this online platform provides training for digital expertise to help businesses grow to their utmost potential. Offering 23 topics to learn from that can help one unlock their digital potential, the training encompasses everything, from display advertisements and mobile marketing to analytics, web presence and more. Digital Unlocked also gives you a detailed description of why businesses need certification and how one can get it. This is indeed a breakthrough for a number of small scale businesses that have cropped up over the years with financial aid and more provided by the government to equip individuals. The initiative by Google certainly comes at a time when the booming industry of digital marketing shows its importance through economic growth. Your business can be at the top too. All you need to do to unlock your potential is sign in to the website and get trained absolutely free!

  1. EchoVME – Sorav Jain

Named with an intent to focus on how virtual marketing ecosystem communication can be echoed through digital marketing, EchoVME was started by Sorav Jain that has grown over the years to cater to esteemed brands that include Bosch India, Amex NGO, Jeff and Kane, AMET Cruises and more. By making a conscious decision to have a digital presence for your business, you can take the first step which is then given away forward by EchoVME. Having helped a number of entrepreneurs, who now have their own established businesses, EchoVME has proven its mettle in helping potential marketers get the best knowledge about digital marketing through its free online course on digital marketing. Covering a 360 degree base of everything involved in digital marketing, you are sure to benefit with the course that costs you nothing at all. Being a recipient of a number of awards, the agency has numerous review that you can check out on the website to know how effective the course could be for your business and growth.

  1. Digital Deepak

A marketing consultant from Bangalore, India, Deepak Kanakaraju began his career into digital marketing almost a decade ago. Having gained experience from working in a number of agencies, Deepak eventually launched Digital Deepak, which is his official blog on everything a digital marketer would need to know. Offering consultation and speaking and writing on a variety of marketing topics, his blogs give one the ultimate knowledge of how to go about creating an online presence for one’s business.  Being ranked among the top blogs that talk about digital marketing, Digital Deepak is every bit informative and helpful in guiding you to being an expert in digital marketing yourself. He has also published a number of books and held numerous workshops to help people understand the significance and function of digital marketing in businesses. You can also access these on his website and subscribe to his blogs for regular updates on what’s new in digital marketing. An email address, too, is provided on the site for those who wish to get in touch with the blogger and share ideas and concepts. The best part – it’s free of cost!

So, why scout for courses that are bound to make you pay through your nose? Just register yourselves to any of these sites for free and become a digital marketer in no time.

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