10 Tips on Digital Marketing for Interior Designers

We all have been trying our best to be more digital, mainly after the Covid19 pandemic hit us. Businesses of all types and sizes are focusing on building and expanding their online presence and converting maximum customers.

Digital marketing has almost turned out to be an inevitable part of today’s businesses. Without working on it, you can’t reach out to target customers and be visible online.

Are you an interior designer and wondering what can be the most effective digital marketing strategies for your business?

Here are some of the best strategies to implement as an interior designer:

1. Build an Impeccable Website

When you have a good website, people across the world can find out about your offerings. You can decide what to show and how to explain your products and services on your website. Upload images and add products/services descriptions to your website content.

Make sure your website is always updated and mobile-friendly. If smartphone users find it tough to access your website, your brand leaves a poor impression on them. Keep on upgrading your website as it can influence the decision of your target audience to buy your products or opt for your services. 

2. Niche Down Your Offerings

Be specific when describing your products and services to reach the right customers. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you should specify the cuisine you offer on your website and social media posts.

When you niche down your services, search engines can understand easily, which boosts your ranking and online visibility.

3. Learn from Your Competitors

As your competitors have done what you do, you can learn a lot from them. Keep an eye on their activities to boost their online visibility and attract all leads. Identify the differences between your and competitors’ websites.

If you and your competitors target the same keywords, try to understand why you rank higher on Google SERPs. Never copy your competitors but take inspiration.

Identify gaps of opportunity to find keywords that they don’t target, their website design, and marketing efforts. Then, work on digital marketing accordingly. 

4. Create a Rich Portfolio

A portfolio helps to showcase your skills and expertise. It represents and communicates your interior design brand. People will feel that you are a professional and serious about work.

With a rich portfolio showing your talent, you can attract the attention of the target audience or the type of people you want to work with. 

5. Hire a Photographer for Your Portfolio

As portfolio pictures will stay on your website for years, hire a professional photographer. They can capture your finest work and can better communicate its aesthetics.

High-quality and clear images can work as a potent marketing tool to attract the target audience. Some projects may take years to finish and thus, you can use your rendering in place of professional images. 

6. Convert Your Portfolio into Blogs and Case Studies

When adding content to your portfolio, you can show your work process and help readers understand your service value. You can also draft blogs that dig deep into case studies.

Converting your portfolio into blogs and case studies helps to sell your products and services before interacting with customers on a call. You also have content that you can convert into PR marketing elements and social media posts. Use top-ranking relevant keywords to attract organic traffic to your blog posts. 

7. Set Up a Google My Business (GMB) Account

GMB accounts can be an excellent marketing tool for interior designers as it improves your brand’s online visibility and search engine ranking. People tend to browse your social media profiles but that won’t help you to attract sales.

When anyone genuinely wants to hire an interior designer, they search on Google and Yahoo. Social media platforms help you to visually impress target customers. But, you should give answers to all user queries through search engine results. 

8. Get Maximum GMB Reviews and Testimonials

As you start with digital marketing, try to get as many GMB reviews and testimonials to build trust among target customers and influence their purchasing decision. Request for a review from people with whom you interact often, such as suppliers, consultants, or attendants in your lectures. If you have helped a friend, request a testimonial from them.    

Set up an internal process to receive a consistent stream of reviews. Add review management to your sales process. You can send an automated email after the project gets completed or the final invoice payment is done with a link and questions that help clients to leave a prompt review. 

9. Feature in a Design Magazine

Featuring in a design magazine makes a big difference to your interior design business.

It would help to make your interior design business to a wider audience. You also build trust, get social proof and attract new customers. 

10. Go for Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, where you directly pay them and use display/search ads to promote your website on their platforms. Search ads help you to search for keywords. You can tell Google the keywords to be displayed on your website and pay for all clicks.

Implement this digital marketing strategy when your brand is performing recently in SEO. Learn more about how to use Google Ads to get the desired results.

Key takeaways

So, these are the digital marketing tips that you can follow to boost your interior design brand’s online presence. You will be able to attract and retain more customers.

Not all these digital marketing tips can help in generating more traffic or leads. You need to monitor the progress after implementing these strategies and adjust them as and when required.

You get access to many resources that help you to learn more about digital marketing trends. Your efforts today can generate massive profits in the long run. You can always hire a team of skilled professionals and a wide variety of services to meet your digital marketing goals and earn long-term profits.