3 Reasons Why You Should Build a Career in Digital Marketing

The most famous Writers, Chefs, or Artists are Engineers by academic qualifications. Do you know why? Because it is not about what you major in but about where your passion lies. Gone are the days when acquiring a stable government job was the only ambition. Millennials the generation y cannot survive in a stagnant environment and are continuously looking for challenging opportunities. (Even if that requires burning the midnight oil). Whether you are a graduate straight out of college or someone looking for a professional change, if you are looking for an opportunity that is challenging and well paying at the same time then the below read is for you.

With the increasing number of internet users in India and across the world, Digital marketing has revolutionized the way companies and brands market their products. The contemporary way of marketing targets potential customers across various digital and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Unlike mainline advertising, it is cost effective and a much simpler way of reaching out to a large number of audiences.

With this industry reaching new heights every day, a career in digital marketing will pave the way for you to achieve greater professional success. Moreover, you do not have to worry about automation stealing your jobs as this is one industry that is highly driven by skills and will always be in demand of intelligent and creative minds.

If you think you fit the bill, here are some of the reasons why you should consider building a career in digital marketing.

You will always be in demand:

Be it a multinational company or a startup, marketing plays a huge role in growth and expansion of the company. According to statistics, a majority of companies are investing a whopping 1/3rd of their marketing budget into digital marketing. Considering the fact that the half of the world’s population is now online, digital marketing is an ever booming industry. And, professionals in this field are always in demand. The best part about building a career in digital marketing is that you do not need a special professional qualification; a basic degree, a little know-how of how advertising on the internet works and you are good to go.

There has clearly never been a time when marketing went down on business. As long as there are consumers, there will always be a need for marketing the product. This could be the sole reason for the increasing number of digital marketing agencies. Such agencies hire creative professionals and work on presenting a good image of your brand on every digital platform. From keeping the users engaged to interacting with them, addressing their issues to creating awareness about the product, a digital marketing agency will work on the 360-degree digital image of a company. Such agencies are constantly looking out for creative and smart minds. By joining a digital marketing agency, you can give your career a successful start.

One place for all:

Debunking the most popular myth, I would like to tell you that digital marketing does not mean simply putting up an advertisement on Google or Facebook. It consists of a range of services including Social media marketing, Content marketing, Search engine optimization, Paid advertising, Media planning, Business development, etc. So if you thought this field is only for creative minds who can come up with out of the box ideas, you may want to rethink here. If technical is your forte; go for SEO. If you were successful in selling the pen to the interviewer, opt for Business development. Moreover, you can also enroll yourself in online digital marketing courses to be better able to understand each area and select the one that best suits your profile.

One of the many perks of being in this industry is that it pays well. If you compare digital marketing jobs salary with other sectors, the professionals in this field are generating quick bucks. The obvious reason being brands investing a huge amount of money in digital advertising. A job that fuels your creativity, is secure, constantly challenges you, and pays well, could you ask for more?

You can make your entrepreneurial dream a reality:

Apart from being a well paid; in-demand professional, the skills in this industry will help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. So, you don’t have to wait until the age of 50 to become the CEO of the company. A decade of work experience in the industry and your dream of becoming an employer rather than an employee will turn into reality. Getting business in this industry is not difficult (with the right skill set) as brands prefer experts and professionals to look after their digital activities.

Moreover, if you are running short of funds to kickstart a company, you can always opt to freelance. There are various companies that offer digital marketing jobs work from home and salary is much better than a full-time job. Furthermore, nothing can actually Compare to working from the comfort of your home. Freelancing will also give you enough time and space to focus on your personal growth, which is barely possible while working full time.

And if you are still not convinced, keep reading! Digital marketing companies are known for their flexible work culture. So, you don’t have to worry about following a dress code; you can literally wear shorts to work and you will not be questioned. As creativity is a major part of this industry, most agencies believe in following a flexible work culture. Talk about flexibility, and some companies will also provide you with the option of working from home. Pouring heavily? Curl up on your couch with a hot cup of coffee ( & laptop, of course) and still get paid.

To initiate your digital marketing career, you can take up a diploma course. Having an overview will give you an extra advantage while applying for jobs. However, it is not mandatory to enroll for a course, you can always learn while on the job. Several digital marketing agencies also provide on the job training in every department so as to understand where your potential lies. And if you think a certain profile is not working for you, you always have the option of switching departments without leaving the company.

Being part of something as revolutionary as digital marketing, you will never regret making this career decision.

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