3 Simple Google Ads Tweaks That Immediately Boost Sales

Google is the most popular search engine nowadays and thus, it ensures you enough and frequent web traffic depending on your investments. Google Ads increases the page views and visits to your website via an increase in the number of clicks that significantly boosts sales.

Want to maximize your returns on ad investment, increase conversions for your brand and witness a massive increase in Google Ads profits? You should make certain minor improvements to your Google Ads that can make big changes. Here, you will learn how to modify your strategies and earn the highest ROIs from your Google Ads campaigns. Let’s dive in. 

E-commerce PPC Tweaks

Most performance of the shopping campaigns depends on the product image and price that’s shown on that. Here are the tweaks to increase your profits and control expenses: 

Tweak 1: Test Product Images in Google Shopping

Visit “Google Shopping” and search for the way other products you are competing against get displayed for your keywords. Then, find out the ways you can distinguish your product images without opting for new types of photography. 

Tweak 2: Test Price in Feed

Decreasing your product price can increase CTR as people tend to click on the cheapest listing. Once you decrease your price by $2 to $3, you will get double the CTR if the margin is flexible, which will get you approximately a 50% decrease per click. You will make 3 times your profits by increasing visibility by double the amount. The conversion rates on the clicks may convert approximately 25% better. 

Tweak 3: Change Your Price Ending Digits

You can increase the number of CTRs and conversions by changing the ending digits of the listing price to 7 or 9. But why does that happen? Customers are psychologically trained to be attracted to figures, which end with odd numbers, mainly the number 7.

National and Regional Service Provider PPC Tweaks

You can implement such tweaks to product development or sales training firms, which are functioning nationwide. Most of the performance of the ads will depend on your selected keywords and languages used in the advertisements. 

Tweak 1: Add Buyer’s Keywords

Once users type keywords into search in your advertisements, it helps you to acquire approximately 2 times more CTRs and 300% more profits for similar opportunities. Write unique advertisements for each one of your buyers’ keywords. 

Tweak 2: Add Keywords to Landing Page Headlines

Adding keywords to your landing pages can help you in increasing approximately conversions by a significant percentage from the similar traffic you get from your advertisements.

Tweak 3: Add Location to Advertisements and Landing Pages 

When you add the users’ city or state to your advertisements and landing pages, it can help in getting approximately 60% cheaper lead costs from the similar traffic you buy. 

Local PPC Tweaks

Such tweaks work for local brick-and-mortar stores. Most of the Google Ads results will be dependent on keyword selection and the landing page you build.

Tweak 1: Add Product Keywords To Scale Results

One type of keyword can attract most of the target customers. Thus, your opportunity to acquire more market share in a locality exists in your capability of picking up new long-term buyers as they search for every item you sell. 

Tweak 2: Add Location to Your Ads

Since people search for products online, you can attract customers to your store by being capable of getting your products now or very soon. It results in a 100% higher CTR than competitors. 

Tweak 3: Build a Hybrid Landing Page Strategy

You may wish to illustrate the quick nature of in-person shopping rather than waiting on the Internet. In such a case, you will have to add local hints to your landing page. 

Local Service PPC Tweaks

Massage centers, doctors’ offices and tattoo removal salons, and other businesses can use such PPC tweaks. Most of your Google Ads performance will be dependent on your keyword utilization and landing page framework.

Tweak 1: Add Keywords to Ads

You can help in driving at least two times more CTRs and 200% more profits for similar opportunities by having the keyword users type in search engines your advertisements.

Tweak 2: Add Location to Your Ads

With the location of your business in your Google advertisements, you can acquire at least 2 times more CTRs than what you have already gathered from ads. 

Tweak 3: Optimize Landing Page Framework

Target customers want to know the following three primary things when they search:

  • Can your brand fulfill its requirements?
  • Do you cover their location?
  • Can they rely on you? 

Ensure the answers to the questions above are added to your landing page. 

Local Home Service PPC Tweaks

For local home service providers, most of the Google Ads performance will be dependent on the ad copies and the landing page design you use. 

Tweak 1: Add Keywords to Ads to Increase ROI By Twice 

When the users type keywords into search in your ads, it helps you to acquire approximately 2 times more CTRs and  200% more profits for similar opportunities. 

Tweak 2: Add Location to Ads

Once your Google Ads include your business location, it can help in acquiring at least 2 times more CTRs than what your ads already have.

Tweak 3: Optimize the Landing Page

The perfect landing page will convey the things which users require to know for replying in 5 or fewer seconds.

In a Nutshell

The companies, which have made big on Google Ads, may have started investing small amounts and reinvested their profits into the algorithm to get higher ROIs over the years. If your competitors can increase their sales through Google Ads, you can also do it by following the tweaks above. Take small steps initially to prevent the risks of losing w huge sum of money.