5 Simple Steps To Engage Your Audience on LinkedIn

Linkedin being world’s most popular professional social networking website is a platform where working professionals come together to connect, share/receive knowledge and find opportunities to advance their careers.

These objectives are accomplished by engaging with highly relevant content on LinkedIn. As a brand/expert/ or influencer, it is crucial for you to frequently post professionally significant content for your audience to engage with.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn,  62 % of members said that they interact with a particular post because they find it educational and beneficial in terms of career growth. The statistics remain similar when it comes to connecting with relevant content. Inspiring, educating, and relevant are three key areas if you are looking to interact with a higher number of audience on Linkedin.

The below read will help you with simple ways to engage your audience with enticing content on LinkedIn. Read on!

Content should be inspirational and educational:

As stated earlier, professionals only engage with content that will help them advance their career growth. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites, LinkedIn isn’t just the place to kill the time. In fact, professionals spend only a few minutes of their day on LinkedIn and amidst all the competition; you have to ensure that your content is worthy of those minutes. The best way to attract a larger number of audience is to post inspiring and educational content. #Monday motivation would rather do well on Linkedin than Instagram. When I say educational, it can be a tutorial in the form of a video or a blog post that will help working professionals up their skill game.

Considering the hectic work culture, professionals barely get time to improve their skill set. In such a scenario, they resort to online networking websites so as to learn and improve on the go. The more informative the content, the more engaging it is.

Talk about industry Trends:

In order to survive and grow professionally, it is very important to keep up with industry trends. What’s happening in the nation and the world and how these circumstances will create an impact on your industry? Updates on latest trends and news are known to have highest of engagement rate on LinkedIn. However, the frequency of posting trends may vary from industry to industry. For example, if it is Digital marketing; you always have to be on your toes. Whether it is a change in Google algorithm or introduction of a new tool, the industry is constantly updating itself.

It is not mandatory to create a post on every new trend, what you can do is simply share the already existing article to increase engagement on your newsfeed.

Set up a Linkedin ad campaign:

A Linkedin advertising campaign is yet another effective way of engaging audience on this platform. This enables you to reach the exact audience interested in your business/professional niche. Communicating content through ads will aid in building the brand name, raising awareness and generating leads for your business. Linkedin advertising costs depend on your targeting criteria and competition. The higher the bid, the more the chances of generating leads. The first and the most important step in setting up a LinkedIn ad campaign is to determine your target audience. Further, you can test multiple variations of an ad to find out what is working for you.

You can read LinkedIn advertising guide and how to set up LinkedIn ads online to better understand the advantages of advertising in engaging audience.

Join and contribute to Linkedin groups:

Industry-specific groups can be created on LinkedIn. Such groups allow you to share content relevant to the industry and your area of expertise thereby building a professional network. Features like LinkedIn polls can be used to conduct surveys and research. Linkedin groups are also used by various service-based companies that may connect with you for business purposes.

There are a few things to keep in mind before creating a LinkedIn group such as the naming of the group. While searching for the group, users will include keywords and not the brand name. Ensure that your group name includes high search keywords. Moreover, it is also important to add members who are really interested in your business niche otherwise there is a possibility of the group getting spammed.

The best time to post:

The most common notion is that the best time to post on any social networking site is on the weekend; this may not be true in case of Linkedin. According to HubSpot the perfect time to post to LinkedIn is during working hours. The best times are from 7:30-8:30 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5-6 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The peak hour that has recorded higher engagement rate till date is between 10 and 11 a.m. on Tuesdays.

When it comes to posting frequency, the focus should be on quality rather than quantity. Although Platforms like Facebook, Instagram gives you the liberty to post multiple times a day; limit your LinkedIn posts to once a day.  Too much communication may lead to loss of interest among customers.

As a brand you should be able to identify Linkedin connections as your potential customers. Only then you will be able to implement a strategy that will convert them into your real customers. The key here is professional communication. Linkedin content marketing strategy should be different than that of other social media platforms. What are your thoughts on the above blog post? Let me know in the comments below.

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