8 Effective Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and attract target customers. The process has never been easier but automation tools have made it simple to send emails directly to subscribers.

Want to know how you can do email marketing perfectly? Follow the tips below: 

1. Design Optimized Lead Magnets 

Users see a lead magnet when they visit a business website. As a lead magnet intrigues them to click through and learn about your brand, it should be catchy. Otherwise, you may lose potential leads. For instance, you can offer an incentive, like a discount code or freebie to entice users to take an action. You can also give away a free eBook or report to users to their email addresses.

The first email they receive could be your lead magnet, which can be an element of your welcome series. The lead magnet can keep the users enticed to keep receiving emails. Thus, they won’t unsubscribe immediately after they get a discount code or something similar. 

2. Segment Subscribers 

Group subscribers depending on their behavior and interests so you can send more relevant offers, messages, and other relevant content. Subscriber segmentation is a crucial element of email marketing as it helps you to target your audience with customized emails.

Subscriber segmentation helps in creating numerous email versions, including a welcome email, thanks giving email, and a follow-up email. You can build a long-term and trustworthy relationship with subscribers for your brand as it presents them with desired offers and information. 

3. Write a Welcome Series 

You send welcome emails to new subscribers when they sign up, buy a product or create an account. Consider where a customer is in their journey with your brand when drafting a welcome series. So, you should space the emails out over a certain period and draft every email with a clear intention.

Besides target customers, you can send welcome emails to existing customers who haven’t logged in for some time. This type of marketing always works as it’s targeted and personalized. You shouldn’t send mass emails but those specifically customized for specific customers. Such emails help you to build trust with customers and make them used to receiving your emails. 

4. Automate Emails 

Automate email delivery so you don’t need to send them every time depending on your schedule. You can automate email marketing using tools, such as Convertkit, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp. Such types of programs allow you to automate emails depending on triggers, such as the time when anyone opens your email, clicks on a link, and buys anything from you.

You will no longer require to manually send those emails and tolerate stress when dealing with multiple subscribers. 

5. Write Mobile-Friendly Emails 

Optimize emails for mobile phones to promote discounts or exciting offers. Users should be capable of clicking on the promotions, images, or links. They should be capable of viewing your website in their favorite browsers on their phones.

Add these elements when drafting mobile-friendly emails:

  • Crucial links at the top of your page 
  • Small graphics 
  • Appropriate text 
  • Optimized images 

6. Personalize Emails

Sending personalized emails to target leads can increase response rates. Subscribers don’t consider your emails as spam and connect with your brand. You should know to whom you are sending emails and which messages relate the most with recipients. Then, you can tailor messages suited to your target audience’s interests.

Write a subject line that summarizes your email content. Readers can easily decide if they would click through your email. Add a CTA, like asking subscribers to check your latest products or sign up for a free trial. Customize every message by adding links to pages on your website where users can read more information. 

7. A/B Test Email Content 

A/B testing of email content helps to boost the open rate and get more recipients to buy your products or services. However, it can be tough for you to find out what works best for you and your audience. You can easily decide what can help to grow your business. For instance, split-test different versions when building email campaigns to find out which works better.

Subject lines are one of the most crucial elements of an email and thus, you can also test them to understand if someone opens your email. The most effective way to test various types of emails is to implement  A/B email testing software. They help you to compare two versions simultaneously and show only one version to half of your users at a specific moment so the recipients don’t realize they are getting two different messages.

Many email automation platforms can also perform A/B testing for your emails. A/B testing is not only beneficial for email. You should test copy and content on a brand’s website. Thus, A/B testing can be performed in multiple ways. 

8. Find the Right Timing 

The right time to send emails to customers depends on various factors, such as when users last visited your website, and what actions they took when being active on your website if they completed all transactions. Use Google Analytics to find the times that work best for your email campaigns.

View exit pages, bounce rates, and other related data to fulfill your goals in the Goal conversion section. Consider other elements and use them when sending emails depending on people’s schedules. Let’s say, you may see fewer open rates on holidays, lately in the evening and on Monday mornings and Friday evenings. 

The Bottom Line

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your online business, build relationships with customers, and boost sales. You should know how to combine all elements to make your email marketing effective always. Implement creative and potent ways to draft emails and email series. You should be able to assess the results of every strategy so you can keep improving your efforts to move forward.

Once you leverage email metrics and conduct A/B testing, you can build relationships with subscribers by giving them the information they want to read. You can focus on email marketing to boost sales and build long-term customer relationships.