How to Approach and Execute an SEO Project for a Client

One of the biggest methods for a business to grow these days is digital marketing. As compared to paid activities, however, search engine optimization has proven to be a more reliable method with regards to the results received. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if done right, can get you the best results without shelling out a fortune, being most useful for a business.

The key to handling a successful SEO project is a proper strategy. While working on your own business is one thing, strategizing and implementing strategies for a client makes for an even greater task. The risks involved are greater but so is the recognition when your hard work pays off. By following certain steps combined with your experience in the area, you can flawlessly execute projects for your clients without worrying about what ifs. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while completing an SEO project for a client:

Understand your client

The first step in managing a project for a client is understanding the client and the client’s business. One can hardly put forward proposals and strategies that are haphazardly made without realizing what the business actually needs. By putting in an effort to comprehend what the best route for an SEO project would be, one can ensure the best results within no time at all. Conversing with the client often on how they view their brand as and how they wish to project it to their customers will give you an idea of how you need to project it too. By taking the viewpoint of a customer, you can figure out how the brand is perceived by a consumer, allowing you to come up with a comprehensive strategy that covers all bases.

Demonstrate your knowledge

As a digital marketing expert, your knowledge would often surpass others’ where optimization is concerned. While your client may know what his or her business needs, it is up to you to make the right decisions. It is best to let it be known that your expertise in the subject makes your decisions more reliable so there are no clashes of ideas with the client. It is recommended, however, that you come across as confident in the way you work and function to you client since you would be the one strategizing. Giving your client the evidence that their brand is in the right hands will help them trust more in your instincts and decisions.

Set goals

No work is through without proof of having completed what’s necessary. And how can you tell if you have achieved the desired limit? You guessed it right – setting goals. Once your client understands that you are in control, it is time to set out goals. To set goals, you need to keep in mind the time constraint, the resources, and the concept you are trying to work on. And drawing up a plan beforehand would always work in your favor, it is also best to be prepared for the unexpected by having a plan B in your kitty. By setting goals for your strategies, you can prioritize things and work towards attaining them and keep a track of your progress too.

Work as a team

They say ‘two is better than one’ and I certainly do not disagree. There may be times when you might have the best strategies but may need help to flesh out the ideas, and who better to help you out than people already associated with the client? Since your client knows his or her business much better than you do, you can brainstorm together to come to a combined conclusion. While executing a project, it is always best to work in tandem with your client so all loose ends are covered. By asking about their opinion on the major decisions you take, your client would feel as part of the project as you. This would certainly work out in your favor, giving them a glimpse of the dedication you are putting into the work.

Plan for the unexpected

You may have come up with the best SEO but vouching for flawlessness is not always in your hands. You can never predict what could go wrong and this makes it vital to cover up for all possibilities. Ensuring that you have spare resources for emergencies and a way to salvage things if something goes wrong can help you keep up without facing any loss.

Optimize through Content

Digital optimizing is multi-dimensional. It includes a number of things that together form one aspect of digitization. Optimization through content is one of the most effective and low-cost methods of Search Engine Optimisation. Most people consider content as a separate entity from SEO. What many fail to realize is that SEO and content marketing always go hand-in-hand. Quality and comprehensive content help businesses rank better, placing content marketing as a top priority for SEO. As SEO and content marketing correlate to a great extent, it is essential for the two to be integrated for the best results possible.

Analyze and Track Progress

Managing any project needs constant vigilance for the scope of improvement. This can be done by frequent analysis of the methods used for optimization. By keeping a close watch on how you progress, you can form your own analysis to figure out what you did right. By finding out your progress, you can work more on the same strategies to upgrade them for better output. Trial and error, after all, have often proven to be the best teachers.

Review and Implement Better Strategies

One must remember that there is no set SEO practice to follow. With digitization being upgraded every single day, the methods to most of the digital marketing practices, too, see an evolution for the better. Reviewing your strategies and the results achieved in order to come up with better approaches is the right way to move ahead. This would undoubtedly help in avoiding certain mistakes that could have been avoided with better planning. The key is to never stop aiming for better. You may be the best but there is always another way to be better.

While this is one approach that you can consider while working on an SEO project for a client, you can form your own approach as you learn with time to help you make the most of your experience to get the best results.

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