Want to Create Customized WhatsApp Stickers? Here’s How You Can Do It in Just 5 Minutes

What’s the festive season all about if there are no typical forwards by every family member, especially those old uncles and aunties in the society. But why go the traditional way when you can add a touch of something creative and fun.

Talking about creativity, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature called stickers and they’re really fun to share. But what if we told you there’s a way wherein you can create customized stickers in just 5 minutes? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, here’s a step by step tutorial that’ll make your work easier.

But before we start, here’s an important thing to note: This feature isn’t for iOS users. You need to be an Android user to run this process.

Step 1:
Create our stickers in PNG format or upload your pictures in your phone and save it. You can crop the pictures as per the sicker size in the app itself.


Step 2:
Go to your Play Store and download: Sticker Maker for WhatsApp.

Step 3:
Once you’re logged into the app, click on ‘Create A New Sticker Pack’. Name your pack along with the author’s name. This will make your task easier.

Step 4:
After this, you’ll see a tray-shaped icon which is a thumbnail for the album. You need to upload a minimum of 3 pictures for the app to accept. Now, you can upload the same to your WhatsApp. Also, the thumbnail of the album cannot be used as a sticker.

Step 5:
To make a quickly customized sticker of yourself, click a selfie, crop out the unwanted section or zoom in for better detailing.

Step 6:
Once you’re done uploading, select ‘Publish Sticker Pack’ option. Double check before you save it as the stickers can’t be edited or deleted later.

Step 7:
And there you go! Your customized sticker options are now available on your WhatsApp. To access them, click on the emoticon option in the chat box where you’ll find 3 options – Smileys, GIFs, and Stickers. Select the Stickers option and that’s where you’ll find the list of stickers including your title pack.


Step 8:
If you want to remove any of your stickers from WhatsApp, go to the sticker drawer and click on the small ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner. Select ‘My Stickers’ and delete the Album of Stickers.

This may seem like a lengthy process but once it’s done, it is so much fun and smooth to access.

Now, say goodbye to the traditional old practice of sending elongated messages which nobody reads and make your communication interesting and easier with these stickers.

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