How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert

In recent times, the use of internet has risen to an extent that is impossible to explain. You would hardly find anyone who doesn’t need to use the internet at least once in a day, no matter what the reason. Everyone, these days, is vying to be recognized digitally. No matter what part of the earth you are in, you can come across goings-on throughout the world and more. This is the very reason for an unprecedented hike in digital marketing.

Digital marketers over the world have, through analysis and observation, figured out the best ways to reach out to consumers with the aim of marketing optimization. While most brands and individuals hand over the marketing reins to digital marketing agencies, is this the best practice? Most digital marketing agencies have specific teams for every advertising form, making it difficult for one team to understand the functions of the other teams. While having a gist of the functions do help to a certain extent, it is much better if an expert with a team of his/her own handles everything, from A to Z, for a better output.

Becoming a self-made digital marketing expert has its own benefits as compared to hiring an agency for digital marketing. Here’s why:

  1. As a self-made marketing expert, your ideas will be you own. Working with an agency where more than one person is in charge will lead to clashes in terms of ideation where brain-storming sessions might just be a competition to see who is better than the other.
  2. As a marketing expert, you would, no doubt, be aware of everything that is involved in marketing unlike specific teams allotted to just one part of marketing. If a social media specialist in a marketing agency does not know how search engine marketing work, it is hardly worth all the money you spend in promoting your brand.
  3. An expert handed over the responsibility of digital marketing would surely make it a point to study a brand inside-out and will, therefore, know what the brand needs better than an agency that is given the responsibility. Compared to the time spent in all the back and forth that is bound to happen with an agency with all the ideas clashing, why not rely on an expert who knows the ins and outs of a brand?

What does digital marketing entail?

To set off on being a digital marketing expert, a basic knowledge about what it entails is vital. Here’s all you need to know for a start:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Search Engine Optimisation focuses on increasing organic search visibility in search engine results.
  • Content Marketing: Content Marketing is developing content (which includes blogs, social media posts, videos and more) and sharing it online in order to increase consumers’ interests in a brand through subtle promotions.
  • Social Media Marketing: This involves the use of social media platforms to gain traction or attention of consumers to a brand.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing, as the name suggests, involves reaching out to consumers on their mobile devices through social media, emails, SMS, apps, and more.
  • Paid Search (PPC): PPC or Paid Search is marketing wherein the advertiser pays for every click onto his ad by a consumer.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is reaching out to consumers or potential customers via email.
  • Web Analytics and Reporting: Web analytics entails the collection of data in order to analyze and report the data to ensure optimization.
  • Digital Display Marketing: This type of advertising involves advertising in numerous forms such as banner ads and the likes. Display ads, unlike text-based ads, depend more on visual, video, and audio methods to reach out to potential consumers.

How can you become a digital marketing expert?

Now that you have a gist of what digital marketing comprises of, you need to focus on how to become an expert in digital marketing. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind and follow religiously.

  1. Explore: Digital marketing is a vast field that keeps being updated almost every single day with newer forms and ways of advertising coming into the picture. A few years ago, not many people could have imagines platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to become huge social media marketing platforms. To know your forte, you need to explore marketing methods and figure out what holds your interest. If you wish to be an expert in everything, go right ahead. However, it is best to take things slow and master one thing at a time to be known as an expert. Once you know what you wish to debut in as a digital marketing expert, take the pains to be the best.
  2. Seek Opportunities: If you know of people who have been in the field of digital marketing for long, ask for their stories on how they began their careers as digital marketing experts. No beginning is too small to disregard. Make sure you seek out opportunities through them by making connections in the field of marketing, be it others like you or clients they may have connections with.
  3. Stay updated: With growth in the technological field, there is something new happening in the field of marketing every single day too. Stay updated with all the latest news to make the best use of today. If there is something that catches your eye in terms of a new idea in marketing, make sure you go ahead with it, no matter how foolish it sounds. Doing what everyone else does is not going to make you stand out. Doing something that everyone else will end up following is what will decide your place in the industry.
  4. Start on a small scale: The best teacher to anything is practice. If you really wish to be a digital marketing expert, what’s stopping you from starting today? Start on a smaller scale with your own product. It could be anything you wish! All you need is the internet and a small investment. And with banks giving out loans to entrepreneurs, why not make good use of it. to know for
  5. Strategies: Success doesn’t come marching right up to you once you make the decision to be successful. You have to work towards it. Plan your strategies for the best output. Remember, not all your strategies might work the way you want it to. It is best to have an alternative plan for every strategy you make so that you can cover up all the loopholes and still aim for optimization of resources.
  6. Observe and Analyse: Make sure you observe not only how you strategies perform but also those of your competitions. This can help you avoid repeating previously made mistakes and think of ways to ensure avoiding it altogether. The mark of an expert is learning from mistakes after all. Analyze what a brand needs carefully by taking a look at all the things that made the ad work and all the things that didn’t. This could be the demography, a sudden change in consumer behavior, or a competitor coming up with a similar but better strategy.
  7. Deduce and Apply: Make a deduction of all the data you have analyzed and work on a better strategy. Applying the new strategy will help you realize all the places that are working for, giving you a better understanding of what a brand actually need, with respect to consumer behavior.

How can you start on a small scale?

Starting as a digital marketing expert on a small scale is hardly difficult. In as little as a month, you can not only make a good start as a marketing expert but also learn how to go about it by taking smaller steps that can eventually help you make it big. Take a look at the below pointers to know how to make a debut on a smaller scale:

  • Select what you wish to promote. It could be a blog, a small idea that came to your mind or a mini-platform for friends looking to promote their products online.
  • Use the internet to learn a little about how SEO works and try to promote the brand or products.
  • Make a page on social media platforms for the brand or product in order to create awareness online.
  • Write content and blogs that talk about features and other specifications that could work as USPs for the product or brand.
  • Promote your social media page and posts by advertising on Facebook. The budget need not be high.
  • Use Adwords to promote the blogs.
  • Use mobile marketing to reach out to potential consumers with a minimum budget and work on increasing it once you learn how it has been working for you.

Enrolling in digital marketing courses or, perhaps, doing an MBA in marketing will surely give you all the knowledge necessary to make a start at being a digital marketing expert.

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