How to Create Amazing Articles Even If You Suck at Writing

While once considered the whims and fancies of poets and idealists, writing has gone on to become a major part of almost every industry. ‘Content is King’ isn’t just a phrase loosely used but rather an important fact that is rapidly becoming obvious to many. Be its communication skills, marketing, or anything for that matter, one certainly cannot ignore the need to write and write well at that, to take yourself one step further.

One thing you need to know for sure is that your standards of writing may be completely different from someone else’s. So if you think you are the worst writer out there, take heart. You are bound to think the worst of yourselves if you have an inferiority complex. Down under all your insecurities, you might be a splendid writer. You just need some motivation and encouragement to get over these insecurities. And what’s better than continually writing to improve your work and put yourself out there for scrutiny!

Although perceived as a difficult task by most, writing is hardly rocket science. All you need is passion, imagination, and a little basic grammar. Know this: every mind works different and thinks differently. What goes on in your mind is solely your property, and hence, yours to put onto paper. Even if you do ask someone else to write for you, you would never be truly satisfied with their interpretation of your thoughts. So instead of depending on others, make a start at penning down your thoughts as best as you can. To help you out in creating amazing articles, here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

  • Keeping a diary: Creating well-written content begins with a single thought. It could be a glimpse of the burnished leaves on trees while you are on your way to work, or being inspired by a fun and interesting article you read while scrolling through your feeds. Whatever the source, make sure you pen down all your thoughts onto a diary or a mobile application that helps you take down notes. And when you get back home, flesh out your thoughts and fill in the gaps as best as you can by constructing them into sentences.
  • Cross-checking grammar rules: If you are already aware that you suck at writing, here’s the best part! You can actually check grammar rules and usage online as you write your article. This would, more often than not, ensure that you make as little grammatical errors as possible. If you are penning the article down onto paper,
  • Making dictionaries your companions: Keep a dictionary at hand. Always. It might very well become your best friend in the near future.
  • Researching goes hand-in-hand: Whatever you write about, make sure you research in detail and check for factual accuracy. Nothing says a shoddy job like criticism on your lack of effort. As writers, we often accept praise as a reward for all the hard work we do. It is only fair to do a good job in return for all the things we’d want to hear about our work.
  • Being original: Copy and paste might have been our companion throughout our school days and college days for some, but it certainly isn’t the same if you are considering writing as a full-time occupation or vocation. The first rule of writing is being original, even if you do end up writing articles not fit to be read. Create your own style of writing so your readers know what to expect from you.
  • Thesaurus to the rescue: If you are a beginner at writing, your vocabulary may not always be up to the mark. Here’s where you can make use of the thesaurus option while typing on your laptops. So you can use big words and make your article seem more appealing and impressive than it actually is. But make sure you check the proper use of the word you pick up from the thesaurus if you want to sound grammatically right.
  • Reading often: Writing quality articles requires more than flair. They say a reader lives a thousand lives in one. This is also due to the act that as a reader, one can experience different cultures and thought processes, and aid imagination and creativity. You can use everything you learn while reading into your writings to make your articles as creative as possible.
  • Going with the flow: While penning down thoughts and fleshing out ideas could be done randomly, a great deal of time must be spent in ensuring that your articles have a flow to it. One would hardly like to read a content that has ideas all over the place. Organizing your thoughts and ideas is half the task done to produce a good quality article
  • Proof-reading your work: Many people are of the opinion that editing one’s own work is a difficult task. It is, however, one of the best ways to improve and polish your writing and editing skills. Reading your own work after a certain amount of time has passed lets you see and figure out where the article needs improvement, working as a double-edged sword in improving your skills too. So instead of bribing your friends to help you edit, take it upon yourself to find out your own flaws first.
  • Putting the internet to good use: If you horrible at writing and need your article to be a masterpiece, you can make use of all the free (or paid in a few cases) grammar checking software that highlights all the places that could do with a little bit of polishing.
  • Catering to your audience: Remember that it is your readers who, at the end of the day, will decide what is good or bad. So, while you might find it cringe-worthy to write on clichéd topics every now and then, if your audience wants it, that’s what they should get. The best way to know what the readers want is Google Analytics!
  • Keeping Google rankings in mind: While you may swear that you are writing for your own pleasure, it would be fool-hardy to believe that you do not wish to see your work ranking on Google. So make use of the most-searched keywords, look up trending topics, and make sure your article is something that will be seen as genuine.
  • Being a sporty competitive: If you want to better your writing, one major reason would be a rival that is doing as well or, perhaps, better than you. Make sure to keep your competitors in sight to learn and improve. That way, you can avoid repeating the mistakes they may have done in the past and strive to do a better job than them.
  • Mastering genres: Being the jack of all trades and master of none may work out for you at the beginning of your writing career. However, once you are past the stage of being a novice, it is best to better yourself with every work. Once you are the jack of all genres, begin mastering them one by one too! And while this can only happen over time, it is one of the most important signs of being a good writer.
  • Adding humor: No one wants to read an article that will end up putting them to sleep. It certainly won’t do anything to increase your traction and reach. What most bloggers swear by is being humorous and quirky. Adding funny instances in your articles is sure to make the readers take notice and read until the end to know what else comes up. If it is witty enough, nothing can stop your readers from checking out other articles you have written either.
  • Keeping up with trends: Trends come and go but some have a lasting effect on our minds. Stay updated with the latest trends and make sure you cover everything you feel is going to be a hit with your readers. With your genre, it wouldn’t be difficult to figure out your audience. Writing articles that they are going to read is, at the end of the day, going to be what works for you.
  • Sharing your works: If you have loyal friends, make sure you ask them to take a look at your work and critique it. If they like it, they are bound to share it on social media platforms and you will know if it is good enough. But remember, if you don’t admire your work, no one else would. So above all, learn to appreciate your work and improve on things that you don’t like. That way, you can always be your own fan!

You may not always be motivated but that should definitely not stop you from writing. And now that you know almost every trick in the book on writing articles that won’t suck, it is time to start writing and hope for the best!

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