How to create blogs that engage viewers and gain 50% traffic

How to create blogs that engage viewers is an obvious thought that comes to blog writer – Will I be able to engage the readers and will I gain traffic? – If there is engagement there will be more traffic. In this blog, I am sharing few tips, techniques, few guidelines from my personal experience that will help and guide you to write an engaging blog that readers will love.

The thought of whether the viewer will show interest in what is written does make one anxious. There is nothing wrong with being a bit anxious or nervous as nervousness many times develops alertness and awareness. It drives one to do some more research, put more effort to gather sufficient information to write an interesting engaging blog.

Planning and Strategizing – Before you start writing you should take some time out and then plan and strategize what the blog post content and how the blog post will look.

About the blog post content – If the content is interesting, inspiring then there is every chance the audience will feel a connection. The content apart from entertaining should provide knowledge that educates. It should provide the necessary stimulus to readers to express their views on the topic. They will like, post comments to express their involvement with the subject. Once compatibility with the reader is established, then the user will definitely look forward to your next blog. Thus, it becomes imperative to write fresh quality content.  The content should be resourceful with information so that the readers can come back to get that information. Another significant feature is variety. Writing content on various topics can definitely help to reach a wider audience.

Planning the Layout – The planning of layout and a clear understanding of the content to be included – here content implies headings, sub-headings, images, charts, graphs wherever applicable – will make this project more absorbing and captivating. As is always said, clarity of thoughts is helpful in making the endeavor successful. The practice of planning the project will help to complete the post on time without compromising on quality.

Why the speed of the website is important – But first thing first, what if the users visit your website and blog page takes time to open.

A slow website will turn down potential readers, customers from the website for permanent. Hence it is vital to have the groundwork settled and for that I mean one should have a website with a good speed.

Imp Tip: A website with good speed is also very much useful in search engine rankings – SEO. 

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Design and Look of the website – The next step is the design or the look of the website and for this selecting an appropriate theme is necessary. The best option available is ASTRA Theme which has a pro version and a free version. Using the pro version gives advanced options to mould the theme as per your choice.

However, using Astra free version is also useful in developing websites. It is very easy to create websites ASTRA Free version along with a free version of drag and drop page builders such as ELEMENTOR. One should opt for free or pro depending on their suitability.

Now actual writing blog begins once you settle with the theme and develop the website.

Writing a Headline – Catchy headline is the most significant part of the blog. The headline text can make the user further read the blog or skip it and move on to the next.

There are various options to write a catchy headline. Few options are –

  • 5 simple steps for weight loss (include a number)
  • How to work out to lose weight (general question)
  • 7 tips for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Step by step instructions for weight loss and best physique.

One can opt for a number or question or even further conceive another option that compels the reader to read the blog further.

Writing an impressive first paragraph – The first few moments after one starts reading the blog have to create an impact. Hence to write the first sentence that builds up the tempo and further arouses excitement is essential. One can do this by asking a question with a solution in a nutshell, which will eventually be amplified as the viewers start reading the blog.  I have used this idea to write this blog.

Make Paragraphs concise and short to avoid discord. The content should be smooth, flowing and should resonate with the reader. 

Intersperse Images and Charts – Use Images and graphs in the post to provide credibility and authenticity to the blog. It helps to give that required impetus to the post. There are many websites that have ample stock of images to substantiate the content one writes. To include graphs and charts in the posts, one can opt for Statista. There are paid charts as well as free graphs, charts on Statista.

Engaging and developing a rapport with the audience: It is essential to develop a rapport with the audience. To engage the reader, ask questions – After concluding the post, ask a question to your readers about their views on the topic and you can ask them to provide some more ideas, tips that may not have been mentioned in your post. Reply to their comments and built-up a conversation and that will help to build a kind of an association. This will help you create a loyal community.

Once you get to know the response from readers, try to follow a regular posting schedule as per your feasibility but ensure that blog is posted periodically – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

This will help to get a loyal audience as the viewers who follow your posting will keenly await your blogs and comment and also share the blog to their friends or associates on social media and the blog would get the required exposure.

I have tried to include tips guidelines based on my experience of blog writing and having implement these ideas in writing my posts. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, experiences in the comments section.