How to Get Organic Views and Subscribers on YouTube

Want to grow your YouTube channel but don’t know how to do it easily? Well, people try different tactics to grow their YouTube channels. However, certain tricks can drive organic YouTube growth.

So how can you get organic views and subscribers on YouTube? Follow the tips below:

1. Identify People Interests 

Make videos on topics that people want to view. Conduct keyword research, and assess the most viewed videos in your industry to find out what your target audience likes to watch. Search some of the trending topics in your industry and check the view counts for the top videos.

You can even use YouTube SEO tools to find search volumes for certain keywords. Look at the top channels and videos in your niche to find your audience’s interests. 

2. Find Out How to Improve That Already Works

Research the top videos for specific keywords if you have data on topics that relate to your target audience. You should always aim to find out why such videos are popular and if they have excellent production quality or cover a topic with proper advice.

Some YouTube videos get popular just because they are entertaining. Once you learn why a video has impressed viewers, you can fill the identity gap. 

3. Add a Unique Perspective 

Identify your unique angle so you can make a different video on the same topic. Cover certain topics much deeper than other videos. Add data and personal opinions gathered from your experience.

Follow a counterintuitive approach and show what others aren’t showing in their videos. You should know how to use psychological triggers in YouTube videos to impress viewers. 

4. Follow a Formula of Problem, Agitate, and Solve

The copywriting formula of Problem, Agitate, and Solve works well for videos. Use this formula to write YouTube scripts.

Make videos that empathize with the target audience and ensure they solve their major issues. 

5. Include Mic Drop Moments

Viewers expect useful tips and recommendations from all videos. So, add such moments, which are simple yet actionable, to your video scripts.

For instance, if your video is on link building, create a mic drop moment to talk about how traditional link outreach doesn’t work and share the most effective tactic to use instead. All your video content should be helpful with a few mic drop moments. 

6. Draft a Keyword-Rich and Action-Worthy Title

Adding a target keyword to a video title is crucial when it comes to YouTube SEO. Ensure you add only catchy target keywords to the video titles. You should aim for your video to rank high on search results and for the title convinces viewers to click on it.

Highlight the benefits of your products and services in the video titles. Your target customers should be able to understand the benefits they would get once they see the title of your video. 

7. Include Keyword-Centric Tags 

You can add tags to describe what your video is about when uploading your videos. Through tags, you can tell YouTube for what reasons your video should rank for.

Try to add five tags, including your exact target keyword and leading four secondary keyword variations.

8. Write a Good Description With Links to More Videos 

A video description helps in engaging viewers and convince them to watch more videos. Consider the video description as a brief social media promo.

Your description should highlight the value your viewers will get from the video. The description should be able to make them understand why they should engage with you. 

9. Embed Your Videos on Relevant Content 

YouTube embeds largely affect your ranking. Thus, you should embed your videos in the relevant website content. 

Reach out to certain warm business relationships and check if they will embed them in the content for some of your most warm business relations. Doing it would supercharge your YouTube power. 

10. Send a Promotional Email to the Full List 

Send a  single promo email for every new video aa that will increase the views. Write a brief and catchy email that convinces your audience to watch your video. Follow the  AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) copywriting technique to promote your videos.

You should turn your customer’s attention into interest by suggesting a simple solution to a deadly problem they tend to make. You can unleash your YouTube channel’s power and see significant results. Invoke the desire among customers for more views and connect the solution to more views.

11. Schedule Recurring Promos on Social Media 

Ensure you schedule recurring promos on social media. Promote all your YouTube videos on the relevant channels. Once you do that, add the video to your everyday social media rotation to attract some ongoing views.

Choose the AIDA framework as it works well for such promos, be it posting on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin. 

12. Use Partnerships for Your Finest Videos 

Partners can always help you with embedding your finest videos and boosting your YouTube SEO. However, they can also help by only promoting your video. You will have to select your spots here. However, choosing partners in your industry to share your best videos on social media and email will increase your videos’ views and give you access to a new audience.

They will be more likely to do this for you if you want to return their favor. It doesn’t need to be immediate but partners will tend to look for something equivalent value in return in all cases. So, ensure you prepare your perk before reaching out to people.

The Bottom Line 

As mentioned at the start of this post, the tips above aren’t the only ways to boost your YouTube organic promotion process. However, it is dependent on proven principles that can work in only about any context. Follow these tips and tricks discussed above to attract maximum views for your videos and grow your YouTube channel. Find and implement some more effective techniques to increase YouTube video views and make your channel stand out in the crowd.