How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job

While the world is worried about automation leading to major layoffs, the digital marketing professionals are rejoicing as ever. An industry that is highly driven by skills, intellect, and creativity, need not fear about machines stealing their jobs.

Digital marketing in the year 2017 is as booming as ever. In fact, companies (whether small, mid or large scale) are investing a major chunk of their budget in digital marketing. With more than half of worlds’ population being present online, there cannot be a better platform for brands to market their products. Given the growth, the companies and digital marketing agencies are continuously looking for individuals that can carry out digital activities as well as generate results.

However, the challenge here is to find the right job. The growth of this industry has, unfortunately, lead to the birth of several mediocre agencies. The below blog will ensure that you do not land up in any such mediocre environment. Also, to help you find a job that is well paying and professionally challenging at the same time. Read on!

Become a digital marketing expert:

The most common mistake that job seekers make is apply for a job they have no clue about. Relying on Google or Wikipedia to crack an interview will not help you find your dream job. Companies hire individuals who can bring results. So, before you think of getting into this industry, ensure that gain enough knowledge to be able to work on practical projects. Becoming an expert does not mean that you have to be best in the field, perhaps being better than the competition will do the job for you.

Becoming a digital marketing expert is easier than becoming an expert in any other field. Unlike medical or engineering, you don’t have to read those large-heavy books; you can learn it on the go or even from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is enroll in an online digital marketing course and you can learn a myriad of aspects. From search engine optimization to email marketing, paid advertising to content marketing, social media marketing, learn and explore what you are best at. Enhancing your knowledge and skills will definitely help you get your dream digital marketing job.

Stay updated with latest digital marketing trends:

Not keeping up with this industry may cost you your career. Digital marketing is a dynamic field where trends and tools are constantly changing rather updating. To be able to meet the requirement of the contemporary audience, it is extremely important to strategize and implement innovative ideas. Moreover, Digital biggies like Google and Facebook keep updating their algorithms to enhance user experience. Thus, it is significant for you to keep up with ever-changing trends in digital marketing industry. Also, reading about latest digital ad campaigns will give you an extra benefit in securing your dream job.

Reading online blogs like search engine journal, marketing land will help you a great deal in staying updated with latest digital marketing trends.

Get in touch with key people in the industry:

What is your first point of contact when you are trying to find a job? HR, right? This is where you go wrong. When you connect with HR first, he is most probably to judge you on the basis of numbers rather than skills. So, it is advised to first get in touch with key decision makers of the company.  Managers and above are key people in any company or agency. Here is how you can get in touch with them:

First, make a list of companies you are targeting to secure a job. Now, find out names and contact details of the key people in these companies. The best way to get in touch with them is via LinkedIn message or email. Do not forget to share Portfolio/ links to projects you have worked on. If you are capable of bringing results to the company, you are most likely to get hired. 

Market your skills:

When finding a job, do not act as if your only focus is to earn money rather focus on selling your skills. For example, if you are a social media marketing expert, your email subject should look like “ How to create a viral post without spending money on promotion?” instead of ” looking for a job in the field of social media”. The latter may be ignored without even a look.

Treat the company you are targeting as your customer and yourself as a product. Make them pay attention to you. Create a quirky video resume or a PPT with all the projects that you have worked on. Marketing your skills the right way will help you get the pay you desire.

Following above mentioned steps will definitely assist you in finding your dream digital marketing job. Until you find a full time opportunity, try considering freelance digital marketing jobs concurrently. It will help add skills to your resume as well as improve your efficiency. Joining groups on Facebook is yet another way of finding relevant jobs in this industry. Companies and agencies are active in such groups and are regularly posting digital marketing jobs in Mumbai for Freshers as well as experienced candidates.

I wish you all the luck in securing your dream digital marketing job.

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