Is It Worth Targeting Keywords with Zero Search Volume?

Many companies doubt if they should use target keywords with zero search volume. You should focus on targeting keywords with zero search volume if you want to build a website framework and deliver a solution to both current and future customers. Remarketing to someone is more affordable than paying for the acquisition of touchpoints.

Check the examples below to learn why it’s worth targeting keywords with zero search volume: 

1. You are Building a Website Framework 

The number of core website pages and their content are usually limited on eCommerce websites and sites built to promote brands. You can add zero search volume keywords and entities to draft topically relevant content by including topics related to your company or organizational operations. The relevant content helps target customers and search engines in learning your doings and which website pages deliver the desired solutions.

You can source the conversion website page with an internal link as you specify or demonstrate your products or services. It is a natural technique to build a website framework for SEO and help web visitors simultaneously. If a website page earns backlinks from high-quality sources, it can boost your other web pages for better SEO performance.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t mean zero people are searching only because a tool shows the search volume is zero. You can build a website, which gets cited as bloggers and journalists are looking for lucrative resources if you deliver an exceptional web experience. 

2. Customers are Asking 

An SEO tool can’t find what your target customers are asking about your brand. It can only come up with customer question variations and assume how people are frequently searching. You can talk to the customer support team to get a database of live chat queries. If your target customers actively ask such questions, and the questions/phrases show up in the SEO tools, it means a search volume exists, and that too is mainly a high-intent one. A high-intent keyword that has 100 monthly searches can drive more revenue than low-intent phrases with 10000 monthly searches because the person is more in the sales funnel and wants to convert.

Pro Tip: As you know the person is looking for a precise answer, and your customer support executives have shown what answers the queries and converts the customers, you have a data-centric advantage over someone trying to do something in the dark and performing online research. One of the options is to draft a dedicated blog post for the relevant topic. Try adding a video demo and go for the Google Video and YouTube results. Consider adding the video demo to the text on your products/services if it is something people ask, which is directly related to the use of products/services as it increases the conversion rates. The video demo can be a great addition to FAQs.

You can let people know they are in the right place by answering the questions for people who consider shopping with your brand or using your services. It gives customer executives relief from the massive workload as they won’t answer the same question multiple times. As a consequence, PPC and social media teams get a new way to acquire people.

3. Remarketing is More Affordable Than Acquisition

You can tag a person with remarketing pixels if you can bring them via SEO. Tag a person higher upwards in the sales funnel and bring them back for profits rather than bidding on the top keywords which require you to have a big budget. The additional benefit is that you deliver them a solution through content development without a hard sales pitch. You acquire customer trust if you do a good job. Once your remarketing ads get displayed to target customers, you have already built trust and credibility. They will keep returning to you for more relevant posts and direct conversions. However, all these depend on the topics and the positioning of a person in the sales funnel.

4. Your Content May Get Displayed for Larger Phrases

Even though a long tail phrase or query has no search volumes, type the shorter volume phrases in a search engine into incognito mode. You may find the questions do appear in the options below from where you can acquire the traffic:

  • People Also Ask
  • Related Searches
  • Videos
  • Knowledge Panels
  • Other

If the titles or the responses of these options above are the same as your topic, you can replace them by creating and delivering a more relevant and better UX.  Even if a phrase has zero search volume, it can still get displayed for a phrase with 20,000 monthly searches.  It is a trick that many digital marketing agencies use with some clients who have newer websites and are not interested in link building. Find the missing but required elements to create and deliver a solution for a specific topic. When the current top websites have an awesome reply, but the reply is buried under unnecessary content, draft content that gives the reply first and then delivers more solutions. 

Pro Tip: Try this trick on YouTube at times. Look for the videos getting displayed on top results for the large phrases and then find to see which video plays after every video.  From the search results, you can learn why the videos are recommended, what they are missing, and the common elements with other videos. Then, you can make a better video and try to earn maximum viewers without opting for the key phrases.

The Bottomline

Targeting keywords with zero search volume is worth the effort if they are related to your business. They can boost conversions for people in a funnel, get used by multiple channels, and attract traffic, which the SEO tools can’t do.