Performance Marketing vs Digital Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Marketing is a crucial part of today’s business to grow. Most companies are investing a huge amount of money to perform marketing campaigns and implement the most effective strategies. Some companies perform PPC advertising, while other organizations prioritize content development or video-making strategies to impress maximum target customers.

Performance marketing and digital marketing are two of the most popular strategies among companies worldwide. This post discusses the key differences between these two marketing approaches, which help you to choose the right option suited to your goals. But before that, let’s define both these marketing techniques and their importance. Keep reading. 

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a marketing strategy that intends to earn a high Return on Investment (ROI). The performance marketing category includes marketing strategies, such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements, Cost Per Action (CPA) advertisements, and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) advertisements, as you pay for a targeted outcome in all these ads. Many brands are focussing on performance marketing strategies nowadays. It works mainly for brands with a tight budget for marketing as they know the returns to be expected when launching a new marketing campaign.

For instance, if you pay 1 dollar per click in a PPC advertising campaign and you invest $100 on the marketing campaign, you know about getting 100 clicks out of it. Performance marketing strategies also have their downsides. You can analyze data to narrow marketing efforts, the primary performance marketing efforts usually have broad initiatives. The leads you generate are the types of leads that may not convert into paying customers in the future. 

What is the Importance of Performance Marketing? 

Performance marketing is important if you want to generate new leads, mainly if you require to quickly generate such leads. You should pay to focus on your business as it can be an effective strategy to build brand awareness as you are aware of how many actions or clicks are achievable from the performance marketing efforts.

The low-risk advertisement strategies, such as performance marketing and B2B performance marketing, can work well for brands having an exceptionally tight marketing budget. You can more easily predict the outcomes of performance marketing campaigns than other kinds of marketing campaigns. The easy results prediction can help brands who struggle to keep money aside for marketing campaigns. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing technique, which is performed online. It is a broad category, which may comprise performance marketing, growth marketing, and other marketing strategies. The motive behind digital marketing is to focus on advertising areas more than advertising strategies. Digital marketing experts may put their marketing efforts across multiple channels, such as social media, email, content, SMS, video, influencer, and affiliate. 

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing reaches target customers in a specific location where they spend most of their time online. Digital marketing experts focus on multiple channels to generate new leads and nurture the current leads. One of the crucial inclusions of a potent digital marketing consign is omnichannel customer engagement.

Marketing experts work on omnichannel engagement to share their brand story across multiple marketing mediums. Thus, customers can have a similar branded experience be it interacting with a brand on social media platforms, via text or email formats. Companies that implement the most effective omnichannel marketing strategies can hold most of their customers. 

Performance Marketing vs Digital Marketing 

Now you know what performance marketing and digital marketing are. You must have clearly understood that both these marketing techniques aren’t directly competing with each other. Once you understand both performance and digital marketing, you get a clear picture of the marketing efforts. Keep in mind that not all digital marketing efforts are a part of performance marketing. However, the majority of performance marketing has digital elements. As a consequence, the biggest similarity between performance and digital marketing strategies is that they both perform in the digital space.

The Key Difference Between Performance Marketing and Digital Marketing

The specificity of the terms is the key data difference between performance and digital marketing strategies. Performance marketing is a marketing technique, which focuses on earning a high ROI more than all other elements. As a consequence, you will have to monitor unique KPIs and metrics to evaluate the success of your performance marketing campaigns. Such are different performance metrics than you would use to measure your digital marketing performance as an entirety. On the contrary, digital marketing is a broader strategy, which comprises all elements of digital marketing. The key focus of digital marketing strategy is to create a coherent brand vision across various digital channels.

The Combination of Performance and Digital Marketing    

When it comes to combining performance and digital marketing strategies, the primary focus is to combine performance strategies with your broader and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Your marketing experts should think about how performance marketing can promote your entire digital marketing efforts. Connected TV focussed advertising solutions, which combine performances and digital marketing, can deliver exceptional results.

You can target your right audience with targeted connected TV ads circulated directly through popular streaming platforms when advertising through Performance TV.  It adds another potent channel to your omnichannel customer engagement tactics. Performance TV also offers the benefits of performance channels, such as paid social media and display. The CTV platform makes you capable of focussing on performance and reaching your target customers innovatively and engagingly with detailed reporting, which gives insights into the most important metrics.

Performance Marketing vs Digital Marketing: The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is a vast marketing method, which prioritizes omnichannel customer engagement. It will always be a crucial part of your brand’s marketing campaigns. By focusing only on digital marketing, you are at the risk of missing out on the potential of performance marketing.

Once you clearly understand both these performance and digital marketing strategies, you can easily combine these two techniques to build a solid marketing plan to promote your business growth. A leading digital marketing agency can perform effective performance-focused video marketing to help in growing your business.