Top 7 SEO Techniques needed to Attract 0 to 25 Million Visitors from Google

In this blog, I would like to discuss my journey from 0 to achieving approximately 25 million visitors for my digital marketing blog.

People usually ask me, whether it is practically possible to build 25+million visitors every month on Google? Many bloggers, SEO professionals, and industrialists send me lots of queries to find a solution to this issue. They even spend lots of money to gain public traffic but do not achieve the desired results.

Hence, considering all those queries, I have listed 7 essential tips or you can say secrets and tricks to fulfill the needs of top tycoons and SEO professionals.

I hope that people learn the various SEO techniques that I took many years to master into. My late night reading and studies, long working hours, dedication, determination, and perseverance has undoubtedly helped me to reach this level.  

Let’s now move onto the topic and discuss below the 7 crucial lessons to attract visitors on your website.

  1. Plan a strategy

In each and every business it is very important to have a proper strategic plan to be executed. Same is with any SEO project also. Many entrepreneurs, just because of improper plan and execution suffer a lot. They are not clear how to use SEO to get good results.

So, along with hard work in creating something, it is utmost important to have a proper SEO to get more and more traffic on your website.

If we analyze the present situation, to achieve around 1 million visitors, minimum 1000 articles are required. Also, the budget is a crucial factor which includes design, SEO and publishing costs of the article or blog for a great success. It is assumed that the cost of the article or blog is INR 10,000 including all the above-mentioned factors.

Given below are the criteria you have to consider as you begin SEO strategies:

  • Content Plan
  • Total budget
  • Resource Plan
  • Execution Time
  • Expected Results

This sample plan would give you a strategy of 1 million visitors.

  1. Working of Google Algorithm

In order to increase traffic on your website, it is very important that your content should be meaningful and fulfill the requirement of the visitors. In this Google, the algorithm plays a very vital role.  

As soon as you upload the content on your web page, Google makes your web page live and will display it to users as they mention the keywords.   

If a small number of visitors is happy with the post, Google will display the page to a more set of users, if they have also contended then to some more. In this way, the chain continues and stops at a stage where a better post is available than yours. However, if the users are not satisfied with the posts, your web page ranking will drop. This can also affect the rankings of your another webpage.  

Now, how would you know whether visitors are satisfied with the content or not?

We all know that if we search some information on Google and if we don’t get the desired results, then we click the back button and research the information again. This page in the Google search results indicates that the information was not liked by the user and hence he/she is not satisfied with the webpage.  

If we search for any information on Google, we usually check 4-5 pages or more to get the desired result. In that case, Google decides the ranking on the basis of back button clicks made for that webpage. So, it is very important to have a relevant and meaningful content to drive more and more traffic to the website.

Hence to achieve this aim, I use “content enhancement technique” to attract visitors to my website.

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule

Is there any business in which you get 80% fair results with just 20% efforts? So, the answer is yes. The SEO masters follow this rule only.  

You can get 80% outcomes through Quality Backlinks and Relevant Engaging Content.

And the remaining 20% outcome will depend on the usage of proper keywords, webpage access speed, updating meta tags and many more

Before beginning my training program I personally met many SEO professionals to understand their procedure and then implemented this rule of 80/20.

Today this rule has helped me to gather an unexpected traffic of visitors at my web pages and earn a substantial amount of money.

  1. How to avoid Google Penalty

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and know the proper working of Google algorithm, you would never be penalized. I always keep in mind the 80/20 Rule with quality backlinks and better tech built for all the web pages of my website. These steps rescue me from Google penalty.

Never worry if there is traffic fluctuation of 10-20%. It’s not a matter of concern. This is very common in SEO. This helps you to understand the competitive world around you. However, a traffic drop of more than 30% is a matter of concern and should be looked after.

Some of the cases for which sites are penalized include:

  • Hacked Websites
  • Having Spam backlinks
  • Too thin content in each page and too many web pages
  • No up gradation of content for more than a year
  • Wrong https implementation
  • Indexing of more unnecessary pages
  • Too many redirections
  • The inclusion of dead pages
  1. High-level SEO Audit- A life Saviour

Just as other businesses, the audit is an important factor in this field also to remain in touch with the visitors.

Traffic Growth Audit:

It is necessary to check the traffic growth on your website. This would help you to know the competition in the SEO field. The Google algorithms are also updated many times which leads to a decrease or increase in traffic and affect the Google rankings of your webpage.

So, the audit will help you to improve the quality of your content pages and attract traffic again. However, this is not a simple task and it will require timeless effort and knowledge.

Link Growth Audit:

This audit is very important to understand any harm done to the website. It is the audit of the backlinks (root domains) of your webpage and is the backbone of SEO. Suppose, there have been 300 backlinks to the website previous month and this month its 350 backlinks so no harm. But if 500 to 1000 or 10 times higher backlinks are there, then it is a matter of great concern. In that case, there might be chances of hacking of your website.   

So, if there is any spam backlink, copy it to the disavow file.

Technical SEO Audit:

Technical aspects are also important in managing traffic. Many times we ignore these criteria and suffer a drop in traffic due to this. I regularly perform the technical audit for my web pages so as to maintain the stability of visitor’s traffic to my website. Technical audit includes

  • Page speed of each page
  • Higher ranking of indexed pages in the website
  • Check of hackers that install corrupted scripts etc.
  1. High Content Ranking:

Nowadays blogging and content writing has gained a boon in the SEO industry. Thousands of people write articles and blogs on various topics. However, the content should be relevant and meaningful to achieve a high ranking in the Google algorithm.

If you think that a lot of keywords would rank your webpage, then you are wrong. As now that strategy does not work.

The latest technique involves the 10x content method to get high ranking in Google search engine.

I have done lots of research and worked hard to understand SEO principles and different methods to create relevant content. I have a team of skilled professionals who have worked hard along with me in creating this method to help others also.   

Now, we will discuss briefly the 10x content method. Suppose you are looking for any information, and then just type the most common keyword in Google. You will get 10 different links for that keyword. Now, make a list of all the required information from each of the pages. This would help you to create a content that is an amalgamation of the top 10 results.

In this way, you can create a high ranking content of your own that includes all the desired information provided for the visitor.

Few of the techniques that I follow for analysis include AIDA technique, reverse pyramid technique, proper introduction of the blog, answering pinpoints and many more. This will help you also in improving traffic and content for your webpage.   

  1. Hire for attitude not for skill:

Although people look for skills to work with, I prefer a good attitude to train any individual. I can hire and train such people with ease and perfection. This is a very tough job as only a good SEO professional can attract traffic to the website and earn money.

Professionals should be trained in the proper way so as to avoid any misuse of the SEO techniques and processes. A skilled and trained individual with complete SEO knowledge would definitely achieve the desired results.

As we all know that anything wrong does not exist for a long time, similarly, spam SEO also exists only for short period. It will not get more than 1000 visits in a day. So always choose the right path and get proper training and knowledge to create a web page of reader’s choice.

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