How to Use Facebook Ads to Increase Likes for Your Facebook Page?

One of the most effective ways to get more Facebook likes on your brand page is to create great content. However, the current scenario begs to differ. With a new algorithm in practice, the organic reach is increasingly diminishing. Getting your audience comment, like, and share your content is now more difficult than ever. A lot of marketers have been observed engaging in fake Facebook like campaign, which is never a good idea. Buying fake Facebook likes will lead to thousands of non-engaging users, thereby presenting your brand page in a negative light.

As a brand, advertising on Facebook; you have to understand that likes are not just a statistical figure. These are Real users who may be your potential customers or brand promoters in the near future. Getting them engaged with high-quality content should be of utmost importance. The best-known technique to attract a valuable Facebook audience is through Facebook ads. Contrary to popular notion, a Facebook advertising campaign is an extremely inexpensive way to increase likes on your brand page. In fact, you can create a campaign yourself without the help of any digital ad agency.

Here is the step by step Facebook marketing guide to increase likes using Facebook ads for page likes along with a few smart tips to target the right audience. Read on!

There are 3 main steps to creating a Facebook ad campaign, let us study them in detail:

Step 1: Campaign

To Set up a new ad campaign, click on create ads through settings on your Facebook account.

The first step is where you select the objective of the campaign. There are several different options available. However, in order to increase the page likes, engagement is what you choose.

Click on engagement and then click on page likes. This step also allows you to set up an initial campaign spending limit. Anyhow, it is not mandatory to set up limit at this stage, you can set the daily budget in the next step.

Step 2: Ad set

This, in my opinion, is the most important step in creating a Facebook like campaign. As it enables you to target a different set of audiences based on their interests, location etc. Targetting if done right can get users to engage with your brand and become customers.

There are a few sections in this step. Let us understand how each section works:


Select the brand page you are trying to promote. Ensure that you are Admin of the page you are trying to promote.


The first step to basic targeting is to select the location. You can select India, in general, to get a higher engagement at minimum cost. However, if your business is limited to a specific state, city, or area, you can target the audience accordingly.

Apart from Location; there are different criteria based on which you can reach out to valuable as well as larger number of audiences.  These criteria include age group, gender, and languages. For example, if you own a jewellery brand, you can choose to target Women specifically.

Moving ahead, the option detailed targeting allows you to reach out to users interested in the niche of your brand page. For example, I as a digital marketing consultant will target people on Facebook who have the job title as Digital marketing professional. It is important to enter the keyword that is closely associated with your brand niche. For example, if you own an apparel brand, you can choose the interest as Fashion, shopping etc.

Facebook will not show your ads to people who have already liked your page, thereby saving a good amount of your budget.


This objective allows you to select platforms for display of your Facebook advertisements. Facebook Recommends you to opt for automatic placements as customising it may narrow down the reach. However, based on the requirement of your brand, you can choose among different device types (Mobile, desktop etc) and platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger etc) you wish to target.

Budgeting and scheduling:

The last section in this step is where you set a daily budget. As per Facebook Recommendations, it is suggested to set a minimum daily limit of Rs. 500 in order to reap maximum benefits. In addition to budgeting, this section lets you set a start and an end date to your Facebook like campaign.

Step 3: Ads

It is time for you to get your creative juices flowing.

The last and the final is the advertisement that users on Facebook will see. The better the advertisement looks, the possibility of getting more likes increases.

The image and the ad text are two most significant aspects of creating an attractive advertisement. Ensure that the image is relevant to the context of your communication and also appealing to grab the attention of the users. Ad text is nothing but the creative copy above the image. I suggest adding the Call to action in the ad text copy to fulfill the main motive of my advertising campaign (getting more likes). As soon as you are done creating the ad, click on place order. Facebook will start running your ads after a small review process.

In no time after running the campaign, you will start gaining traction on your brand Facebook page. You now need to engage your growing audience with compelling content.  One the most effective social media marketing tactics is to keep up with great content. I think the best way to have something to share is to connect your brand services or products with trending topics. Blogs, short length videos, engaging static posts are some of the other ways to interact with your audience. Moreover, spending a small part of your marketing budget on advertising campaigns is always a good idea.

You can connect with me for more social media marketing tips. Let me know if you have any queries for setting up the facebook like campaign in the comments below.

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