Why does search engine ranking drop on the Weekend?

The display of the website for the targeted keywords is the primary goal of the whole SEO process. A higher ranking on search engines implies more genuine traffic and leads.

To rank high on google is a direct indicator of getting relevant results – more qualified visitors. If there are more authentic visitors visiting your website then it is directly proportional to the success of your website.

To rank high on google is the most critical and sensitive issue in SEO. SEO professionals feel elated if their efforts pay off and the keywords targeted are visible at the top on SERP and if there is a drop, SEO operators do feel low and that is understandable.

In both cases analyzing the result is necessary – if the keywords are ranked higher and even if they are not showing – an evaluation has to be done. The process of evaluation is exhaustive in the case of a rank drop. The issues for the drop in the ranking are analyzed in order to find solutions. Based on the solutions an action plan is devised and implemented to get those rankings on top of SERPs.

Since this blog is related to the drop in the ranking of keywords on weekends, I shall be focusing on that issue. It has been observed on some websites, that the ranking drops on weekends. However, there have been no alterations on the website and no off-page optimization done or blogs posted, and the ranking has dropped.

The reasons for this drop in the ranking can be

 analyzed further. We shall consider some of the website categories to understand the reasons for the drop in the rankings on weekend.

Blogging Websites – In the case of Professional Bloggers’ or Article Writers’ websites, there may be a drop for certain topics.  Hence for a drop in the rankings of blog-related websites – a thorough analysis is required.

If the subject of the blog is relevant to finance or if the video is related to industrial machines, then it is obvious that there will be few viewers on weekend. Such blogs or videos are referred to during weekdays as the market or the relevant industry is preferably working on weekdays. The weekend is a pleasure time – vacation time and time to relax – and the preference for the weekend will be entertainment – leisure-related topics.

Blogs or Vlogs about the matches of popular games to be played on a weekend or travel vlogs to a place on the outskirts of the city or a blog on a day out trekking or about the best food serving restaurant will have more views and traffic thus boosting the ranking related to keywords for that particular blog page on weekends.

Thus, in the case of bloggers and article writers, it is a temporary phase – a drop that will rise as the week starts. It does not imply that the entire website ranking has suffered.

Business Websites – It is generally seen that the traffic is less and the ranking is down for business-related websites. Websites in the finance sector or industrial operations will not have traffic and will result in a drop in the ranking.

Traffic definitely goes down, because people aren’t at work and preference is for relaxation and visiting websites related to activities they intend to do on the weekend.

If it is travel-related websites or entertainment-related websites, there is bound to be a rise in traffic over the weekend.

Technology-related Websites – In the case of Technological websites, generally, it is observed that the drop in the ranking is on the weekend.  In the case of Programmers or IT professionals, it can be a mentally exhausting week and the weekend can be a much-required break to refresh. It is necessary to be fresh and rejuvenated for the next week by staying away from the regular mundane activities and spending quality time with their family and friends does help to revive and freshen up.

Since computerization and moreover since the advent of the internet, the majority of working people due to their job profile have jobs of sitting in front of a PC or laptop. They do look forward to weekends to get away and spend time relaxing or doing something else during the weekend, and that is obvious.

Which are the websites that have more traffic during the Weekend? However, the reverse trend of rising traffic is in the case of Social Media websites, travel Vlogs, websites related to Travel information and vacation websites. Leisure and Entertainment related websites that include – movie portals, games related websites are also watched on weekends. Websites related to popular games such as football, cricket and important matches related to these games do have a very good view and traffic on the weekend.

Websites that are related to consumers and hobbyists receive a good amount of traffic at weekend and these include photography, self-improvement, books, gaming sites, and food blogs.

Is there a regular pattern of web traffic during weekends? There is no standard format for traffic patterns. There is bound to be variation in the traffic depending on the type of industry, and type of product. It becomes necessary to check the analytics and then categorize the visitor visiting the website along with the time of visit.  A comprehensive analysis will help to devise a marketing plan and to try to get more visitors.  It is also necessary to check the conversion rate. In the case of B2B websites conversion rate is down on weekends. Similarly, in the case of B2C websites, there is a higher conversion rate in the evenings and weekends, more for the e-commerce websites selling clothes or similar merchandise as there is more time for college students during weekends.

Is it possible to get more visitors during weekends? In some countries, the weekend is not an official holiday and traffic in those countries may show a surge as Saturday is the first working day. The number of visitors from such countries can be increased by implementing proper SEO strategies pertaining to that region.

Another significant factor that I would like to emphasize is the content of the website. If the content is fresh, updated and relevant and engaging whatever may be the number of audiences visiting your website, those audiences become your marketing representative and through word of mouth, your website gets the required traffic and ranking.

One more way to get through to your viewers is to send newsletters or notifications. These notifications should be attractively designed to gain the client’s attention. Also, sharing the website links through social media during the weekend is always a good option to get through to clients. It will be a good attempt to improve traffic and eventually the rankings on the weekend.

The website is a 24×7 branch and it has to be updated regularly by adding fresh and relevant text, adding new pictures or videos to enhance the quality of the website and make it worth visiting.

I am keen to know more about this drop in the rankings on search engines during weekends. Do write about your experience related to the rankings drop of your websites and how you have handled the issue.